by Advocates of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Clients in Pakistan and outside can now secure professional Legal Advice from Advocates of Supreme Court.. from simple information to advice and litigation; from Arbitration, Commercial Transactions and Contracts to Property and Estate, Trust and Corporate matters including Personal and Family, our team members provide end-to-end service.

  • Arbitration

    Agreement to submit to Arbitration
    Arbitration Agreement
  • Power of Attorney

    Special Power of Attorney
    For a court case
    To present documents for registration
    To execute a sale deed
    Deed of Revocation 
    To pleader for a court case
  • Family

    Child Custody
    Court Marriages
  • Notices

    Vendor to complete a purchase
    Purchaser to complete a Sale
    Pleader to Debtor
    Landlord to Quit
    Tenant to Quit
    Dissolution of Partnership
    Dishonor of Cheque
    Registrar of Firms
  • Partnership

    Partnership Deed
    Deed of admission of Partner
    Deed of Partnership between more than two Partners
    Deed of dissolution of Partnership
    Agency Agreement
  • Sale

    Sale Deed
    Deed of Sale of a business
    Assignment of Goodwill
    Sale by Guardian of a Minor
    Mortgagees Joining

Meet The Team

Abdul Razaq Mirza

Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Over 20 years Experience

Ovais Qadri

Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Over 20 years Experience

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